Dominos Pizza

JUST when you thought ordering pizza couldn’t get any easier, Dominos has introduced some game changers, designed to make Pizza Night, the easiest night of all.

Of course we all know Dominos offers a huge menu with something for everyone. Gluten-free? Not a problem. Vegetarian? Easy. Budget friendly? Absolutely.

And of course Dominos offers pick-up and delivery.

And Dominos’ latest innovations take convenience to the next level.

DRU Assist – the personal pizza assistant can help you place your order via the Dominos app for your smartphone and desktop. The more you use him, the more he improves, streamlining your ordering.

Bill share with PayPal – With hot fresh pizzas, tasty sides and decadent desserts, it’s no surprise people love sharing Domino’s with family and friends. Now there’s an easy way to share the cost of your order too. Once you’ve placed your order, use PayPal Bill Share to easily share the cost with your mates and quickly get paid back.

Tasty, convenient and hassle-free – that’s Dominos.

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