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St Ives Shopping Centre has a wonderful range of retailers and you can learn more about their offers, plans and their focus on customers by keeping up-to-date via this page. It’s updated regularly.

St Ives Shopping Centre – Convenience for Brisbane Consumers

Convenience for Brisbane Consumers

Like many Australian consumers, Brisbane residents
love the convenience and friendly vibe offered by their local shopping centre.
Whether it’s popping in to pick something up for dinner, Continue reading St Ives Shopping Centre – Convenience for Brisbane Consumers

A Family Friendly Celebration

The Goodna Jacaranda Festival, which runs from the 18th to the 25th of October, will attract crowds in the tens of thousands, with proceeds going straight back to various local community efforts. The family friendly festivities Continue reading A Family Friendly Celebration

Playgroup Queensland

Founded in 1973 by Queensland families to connect, engage and share in the early stages of parenthood, Playgroup Queensland continues 42 years on, working to empower families to support each other and advance their child’s development through Continue reading Playgroup Queensland

The History of St Ives Shopping Centre

St Ives Shopping Centre is well-known in Brisbane’s south-west as a friendly, local shopping centre, offering a great range of food, retail and specialty stores.
But did you know this popular shopping centre has been an established part of the Goodna community for almost Continue reading The History of St Ives Shopping Centre